Re: air conditioning maramu

Craig Briggs

Hi Eric,
Lots of ways to skin a cat, of course. FWIW, on our SN, we put a single 18K BTU compressor in the engine room that serves both a 12K evaporator under the salon forward dining seat and a 6K evaporator on the shelf over the fuel tank in the companionway going aft. I ducted the 12K unit through the forward head wall then up inside the shelf area and back through a 6"X12" register in the bulkhead into the main salon. It also T's and goes to the forward stateroom and head. The 6K unit goes to the aft stateroom and T's forward to the main salon. That register can be closed to get a full 6K into the aft stateroom (plenty) or opened to share the cooling into the main salon near the nav station. Works well in Florida with only the forward stateroom being a bit wussy, although leaving the door open and a supplement fan solves that. All equipment is by Northern Lights. Also has reverse cycle for heat with an "away" function to keep the humidity down when not aboard.
Cheers, Craig

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