Re: replacing mirrors in bathroom

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hello, Alexander,

The Amel mirrors become blind over time due to moisture ingress from the edges, which is the case with almost all Amels, I have seen.
I like suggest the following procedure...

1. Stick tape or self-adhesive foil over the entire surface of the mirror to protect it from splinters.
2. The original mirror is fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. So take a stable thin wire and start at one corner to peel the mirror off the tape. Because it is covered with foil it can not break completely and the splinters stick to it.
3. have the new mirror made in the highest quality and moisture resistant finish (bathroom quality)
4. attach the new mirror with double-sided adhesive tape (carpet version) or alternatively with spring clips. However, these are not as stable as glued on.
5. to be on the safe side, seal all edges with silicone (colourless or black, silver ...) after the installation is complete. Before doing so, mask the surface towards the edges with tape so that there is no smearing afterwards. The silicone should only cover the lateral edges and the mirror layer behind them. After the siliconisation is finished, remove the masking immediately before the silicone forms a skin! Otherwise you can remove it right away. logo.

Hope this helps you and you get the necessary support and quality on site.

Fair winds and stay safe. hope you get on soon. We want to go to Greece.

Best regardsĀ 

Ulrich Michael
"Soleil Bleu" / A54 #088

The mirrors in the bathroom of my A54 back cabin don't look good anymore. Because I have some spare time due to the virus, I decided to replace them here in Trinidad. Does anyone have experience in removing the existing mirrors? They seem to be glued to the wall. The local guy who helps here suggests to put the new mirrors back with a thick tape that has glue on both sides plus 4 screws. Same here, does anyone have tips how to attach the new mirrors the best possible way?
Thanks for your advice,

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