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Ian Park

All four mirrors in our Santorin were held in place with screw fixed mirror mounts. 
I believe they were original fixtures, although I have replaced them. 
They have never been a problem and make changing the glass quite easy. It sounds a bit tricky releasing them if they are bonded direct, especially if the bulkhead is covered with foam backed lining. 


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About three years ago, I replaced the bathroom mirrors on Cream Puff. I also replaced the medicine cabinet mirrors. For the cabinets, I used Plexiglas mirrors and for the walls, glass was used. If you use glass, it is best to treat it with a product such as this to make it shatterproof: This can be added at the store or by the person who sells you the glass mirror.


Ours were not adhered to the wall. This makes me wonder if the previous owner had replaced them prior. It was a pretty easy project. To fasten the mirrors, I used the mounts already in place. Perhaps I should have also used double sided tape.





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The mirrors in the bathroom of my A54 back cabin don't look good anymore. Because I have some spare time due to the virus, I decided to replace them here in Trinidad. Does anyone have experience in removing the existing mirrors? They seem to be glued to the wall. The local guy who helps here suggests to put the new mirrors back with a thick tape that has glue on both sides plus 4 screws. Same here, does anyone have tips how to attach the new mirrors the best possible way?
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