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Matt Salatino

“food grade” is a misnomer here. The high pressure hoses are always carrying seawater, only filtered through a sediment filter. It’s not drinkable water. The product water comes from the other side of the membrane, under much lower pressure. That lower pressure hose should be suitable to move drinkable water. 
The key is to use stainless fittings on the high pressure hose ends to keep them from corroding.


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A call out to USA owners,


I have a box of supplies being assembled in the USA for shipment to Tahiti. I would like to include replacement HP hoses for the Amel installed D60 Dessalator. I am unsure of the exact specs for the fittings although I have searched the forum and think it is stainless steel 3/8 inch JIC fittings on all ends. The stuff I am unsure about is if the hose has to be “food grade” and the pressure rating.


Does anyone have a company from whom I can order on-line or better still provide me with a part number and e-tailer?


I have an email out to (the USA Dessalator dealer) – I expect they supply it but am assuming it will be expensive and other options might prove more thifty.



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