Re: Volvo parts

Alexander Ramseyer

Hi Paul,
This is the list of Volvo parts that I still have. Let me know what you want and I spare them for you until November. You can write back to alexramseyer@.... Anyone else interested, let me know as I don't think Paul wants to have all the parts.
Best, Alex

3 Oil Filter
2 Air Filter
1 Air Filter Housing (used)
2 Belt
1 Tensioner
3 Timing Belt
6 Diesel Filter
2 Impeller
1 Fuel Filter Kit / Hand Pump (used)
1 Fuel Filter Kit / Hand Pump (new)
1 Impeller Housing Cap
1 Raw Water Pump (refurbished by Volvo dealer)
1 Raw Water Pump (used, not refurbished)
1 Gasket for Turbo
1 Starter solenoid (Valeo)
1 Starter Motor
1 Instrument (Warning lamps)
1 Instrument (RPM gauge)
1 24 Volt Alternator, 110A, 2,5 years old, incl. original Regulator
1 12Volt Alternator, original, refurbished by Lauderdale Alternators, never used since
1 Oil cooler (used for 1 month only)
1 ZF Gear Box (located in Saint Martin)

I think Arno wanted the black computer box, but not 100% sure at this time. That part is also located in Saint Martin

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