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Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown



I can certainly take the normal consumables – filters, impellors, 1 belt. Most of the other items I don’t see that I’ll need in the foreseeable future as my engine has only 1975 hours. So if you still have any of these in November when we’re back in Grenada then I’d be happy to take them.




S/Y Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98 - Grenada


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Hi Paul,
This is the list of Volvo parts that I still have. Let me know what you want and I spare them for you until November. You can write back to alexramseyer@.... Anyone else interested, let me know as I don't think Paul wants to have all the parts.
Best, Alex

3 Oil Filter
2 Air Filter
2 Belt
1 Tensioner
3 Timing Belt
6 Diesel Filter
2 Impeller
1 Fuel Filter Kit / Hand Pump
1 Impeller Housing Cap
1 Raw Water Pump (refurbished by Volvo dealer)
1 12 Volt Alternator (original Bosch, refurbished 2019, never used)
1 12 Volt Alternator (needs to be refurbished)
1 Gasket for Turbo
1 Starter solenoid (Valeo)
1 Instrument (Warning lamps)
1 Instrument (RPM's)
1 24 Volt Alternator, 110A, 2,5 years old, incl. original Regulator
1 12Volt Alternator, original, refurbished by Lauderdale Alternators, never used since
1 ZF Gear Box (located in Saint Martin)

I think Arno wanted the black computer box, but not 100% sure at this time. That part is also located in Saint Martin

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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