SM Bow Thruster Linear Actuator Control Box

Kevin Fox

In cleaning up the bow thruster area of Rascal I found that two of the screws holding the cover on the control box for the linear actuator were heavily corroded.  I tried using a screw extractor and then a drill, but couldn't get enough force on them without fear of damaging the plastic enclosure.  I resorted to cutting the cover off to get access to the screws.  I found a replacement cover that's a perfect fit, and thought others might be interested.
I sourced the cover from Mouser Electronics in the US.  A photo is attached.  I selected a clear cover since I thought it would look neat, although black is also available.
The original cover says "verobox" on the inside, which might be useful in sourcing a replacement from other than Mouser.

I was able to remove the SNT label from the old cover with a razor blade, and it had enough adhesive on it to reapply to the new cover.  I used some stainless screws and Corrosion-X in hopes of avoiding future issues.  Now we'll have easier access to the fuse in this box if needed.

Kevin and Elise Fox
SM2k #404 Rascal
Charleston, SC USA

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