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Hi Paul & Sue:

Both you and Vito mentioned that you have 12 batteries in your house bank (13 total
including the starting battery). Is this correct? My boat (Amel SM 2000 hull # 335 has 9
total bateries). Perhaps you could verify this, but I suspect that you have only 9 total.

Nevertheless, your friend's observation is interesting. If I put in 8 Trojan SCS225 (12 volt
225 amp hour) batteries for my house bank this would yield 900 amp hours at 24 volts
DC which would make your recommendation even more cogent. I might have to do a
little digging in Nigel Calder's book to see what he recommends. I would be very
interested in hearing from Joel on this as he might be able to shed some light on Amel's
logic for their design.

Regards, Gary Silver
s/v Liahona on the hard in Jolly Harbor Antigua

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We recently had on board an electrician a retired navy commander for subs for our trip north. They reviewed our charging system (Engine 100 & 30 Amp alternators) and the Genset 100 amp outputs for our 12 battery Delco bank that has 840 Amp/Hours.
They recommended that we split the existing battery bank of 12 batteries into 2 separate banks with a switch to better control charging. It appears Amel built the vessel for charging a 400 Amp/hour battery bank.
They indicated that the current charging system is not sufficient for the existing battery bank of 12 batteries.
They noted that the 2 separate banks would provide sufficient power for a days use based on our consumption levels.
Further benefits would be that the one bank not in use would have a days rest and could be recharged in a shorter time than the full bank. They recommended using Bank #1 on odd days and Bank #2 on even days.
The other benefit would be that when the need arises to replace the batteries only one bank would have to be done at a time if only a few batteries failed by moving them around.
Has anyone done this or had similar thoughts.
I am not an electrical person and batteries are not something I am fully conversant with but I'm learning.

Paul & Sue
SM #362

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