Eno 4 burner #stove question #stove

David Kurtz

I have the original Eno range and stove on my Amel.  The range works fine.  The first time I tried to use the oven I initially had problems getting it to light.  Finally the burner tube around the top of the oven stayed lit, but would not heat up very much at all.  I would expect that as I dialed up the temperature on the oven control knob that the flame size would increase, but nothing happened other than just staying lit.  Before I tear into this project I thought I would solicit the expertise of this group to see if anyone else has had this problem.  Gas supply is not an issue.  I recently filled the tanks and I can run all four burners on the stovetop at the same time.

Thanks folks!
Dave Kurtz
SM2 #380
S/V Celtic Cross

Detroit, Michigan

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