Re: Trojan 200 vs Trojan 225 Batteries for Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

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Hi Gary

The SC225 fit snugly but did not need any modification to my battery compartment. I have hull # 283 and have room for 9 batteries. I did not use the copper bars. I had new interconnect cables made. I also had to remove the straps from the battery and had to redo the the pieces of wood that are used for wedging. But otherwise that was it.

My current set of 225 have lasted 4 years and are due for replacement. I like the trojans because despite my best effords I have not been able to kill them. I have run then totally flat and I have overcharged them to the point of having to bail out the battery compartment of water. despite all the abuse they have continued to work. I service them every 2 weeks while cruising and I am carefull most of the time to insure that they are properly charged and not run down.

I would be intrested if anyone comes up with a way of seperating the battery bank into 2 banks. I have also read that having too many batteries in series reduces the life and efficiency. The downside that I see here is having to run the generator more oftem as you would have less amp hours available.

Has anuone priced these. They are quite expensive here in New Zealand.

Hope this helps

ASM 283

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Thanks Vito:
Just to confrim with you a couple of things:

1. Since the SCS225 Trojan Battery is almost one inch longer than the AC Delco
batteries that were fit by Amel, please verify that the extra length doesn't
interfere with anything in the battery box.

2. Does the 2x4 fit correctly between the water filler caps without having to
modify it?

3. Did you have to do anything special with the battery handles?

4. Did you shorten the Amel copper interconnect bars to fit between the
posts or did you have new cables made to tie the + to -posts together?

5. Has your boat been located in regions that are as hot as the Caribbean
and how often do you have to service the batteries with water?

6. What year was you Amel SM manufactured and how long have you had
your Trojan SCS225 batteries?

7. Are you pleased with the Trojan's as far a holding a charge etc.?

Thanks for the additional details.


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HI Gary

I have SM#283 I replaced my batteries with the SC 225. They fit fine but I had to have new interconect leads made. But otherwise no problems and I got a few extra amp hours.


ASM 283

Bay of Islands NZ

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