Re: SM 2000 head backflow and holding tank leak -second attempt


This is a personal opinion: I do not believe that compost toilets and Amels go together.

This is a personal rant that I have previously expressed: Since no Amel was ever produced with a compost toilet, possibly the Prime Directive should be considered.

This is a professional opinion: Let me assure you that you will have difficulty selling that composted Amel at the time that you need to sell her, and, unless she sinks, there will be a time in the future to sell her.

This is a joke: Composted boats just don't smell right.

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Perhaps the biggest issue with the compost heads I see is the ability to find the fresh peat moss or coconut fiber needed to make the compost. The whereabouts seems to be a common question asked on various FB groups in places we’ve traveled. 



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Nice write-up Mike
A task that will inevitably zoom up the jobs list when that leak appears.
We were looking at compost toilet options recently..  no more valves, holding tank or backflow. Seems almost too good to be true - but people who have them swear by them!

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