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James Alton


I am interested in hearing what advice you get on this one. I would only add that spinning props at anchor concern me since they can pick up a line, trash etc. so I have always stopped the props of the various boats I have owned when at anchor. Nothing worse than having a storm come up in the middle of the night and finding that your prop is fouled…

Glad to hear that you are aboard and enjoying your Maramu! We are still waiting for Greece to reopen to US/Canadian travellers.


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Hello there fellow Amelians
We have just loved our vintage Maramu ti here new home up the Tamar river in the UK.
Lovely spot on a swinging mooring but the tide rips through at 4 knots at springs

So much so that the prop spins along.

Normally when sailing leave the prop freespining - not least to generate power but also I believe that’s advised for my Hurth gearbox.

Does anyone have advise for when on a mooring ? My feeling is that days and days of freespining prop can only add wear and so I am tempted to put her in reverse

Thoughts most welcome

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