Re: SM 2000 head backflow and holding tank leak -second attempt

Randall Walker

Woody the simple answer is, Don't do it.
I have just fixed my forward head issue and would recommend all boaters regularly put decalcifiers in the tanks. I have started using Harpic 10, a toilet bowl cleaner with 10% hydrochloric acid. The crustacean build up needs to be dealt with in a preventive way.
Too many butts on a boat will get you many "but dad it smells"

Still in Gib.


On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 3:50 PM Alan "Woody" Wood <woody@...> wrote:
Nice write-up Mike
A task that will inevitably zoom up the jobs list when that leak appears.
We were looking at compost toilet options recently..  no more valves, holding tank or backflow. Seems almost too good to be true - but people who have them swear by them!

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