Re: running rigging on Sharki

Aras Grinius

Morning Pete,
I have Hull #163 1988.  When you say running rigging, what do you exactly need?  I have the electric furlers, 2 downwind poles etc.  I can send pictures of my setup. 

Sharki #163 1988

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 4:59 PM Peter Baumann <mistymeadowfarm@...> wrote:
We bought Sharki 162 last fall and did not get a chance to sail her till now. Trouble is that sails and running rigging (I hope) are stored below deck and I have never seen the boat with the running rigging installed. Does anyone have a running rigging diagram or pictures that they would be
willing to share. The same question was asked in 2005, but the link in the answer is no longer active.
Thanks a bunch,

Aras Grinius

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