Re: running rigging on Sharki

Peter Baumann

Morning Aras,
Electric furlers for Genua and main, manual on the mizzen. I have a box of shackles and blocks and three sail bags left by the previous owner. Any pictures of your setup would be helpful: main and mizzen sheet attachments, path of the genus sheets. Only send if you are on free WiFi. I’ll just try to figure out the puzzle until then. 



On 24. Jun 2020, at 14:46, Aras <aras.grinius@...> wrote:

Morning Pete,
I have Hull #163 1988.  When you say running rigging, what do you exactly need?  I have the electric furlers, 2 downwind poles etc.  I can send pictures of my setup. 

Sharki #163 1988

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 4:59 PM Peter Baumann <mistymeadowfarm@...> wrote:
We bought Sharki 162 last fall and did not get a chance to sail her till now. Trouble is that sails and running rigging (I hope) are stored below deck and I have never seen the boat with the running rigging installed. Does anyone have a running rigging diagram or pictures that they would be
willing to share. The same question was asked in 2005, but the link in the answer is no longer active.
Thanks a bunch,

Aras Grinius

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