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Patrick McAneny

Ryan, Have tried  to manually advance the throttle. Perhaps the throttle linkage /cable may have slipped in the engine compartment. I have the TMD22a and max out at 3100 rpms with a fixed prop or my Maxprop, which gets me to 8.3 kts.
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We have the TMD22 with a fixed 3-blade prop (the original spare, I think).  When we first got the boat, we could rev to about 3000, and we cruised at about 2400.  This season we could only get up to about 2100 even with a freshly cleaned bottom and prop.  I discovered the turbo had seized, which seemed like the obvious cause, but nothing changed after we had it replaced.  I'm trying to find a fuel problem, as that's the only other thing that might explain it, as far as I know.

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On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 10:55 AM Thomas Peacock <peacock8491@...> wrote:
This is question without a definitive answer. 
We also have the TMD22. When we bought our boat (about 4 years used), we could get almost 3,000 rpm at max throttle. Our local diesel guy suggested cruising at 80% of max, or 2,400. Our max started to lessen within about a year. 
Ever since then, we have usually not been able to max out at 3,000. Usually max is 2,400 to 2,600, so we cruise at 80% of that.
Issues affecting max cruise rpm include bottom, prop (even one barnacle can make a difference), turbo condition, and countless others. 
I suppose that, just like me, the Volvo has also lost a little mojo as it has aged. 

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On Jun 25, 2020, at 10:10 AM, JOSE PRIETO <prietomd11@...> wrote:

Hello Amelians!  I am in the process of learning my boat.  The engine is a Volvo TMD22, with autoprop h6 propeller.
I found some threads here on the forum related to this topic, but none conclusive about what is the ideal cruise rpm regime, and what is the maximum rpm?  I can't get more than 2100 rpm!
 Any suggestion?

Jose Prieto
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