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Ryan Meador

Hi Pat,

I have not tried that.  I will look into it.  There is still plenty of travel left on the throttle lever when we hit 2100 RPM, it's just that pushing it farther has no effect.  This makes me think something is preventing the engine from turning faster, but I will check to rule out the throttle linkage.  Thanks for the tip!

Ryan and Kelly
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On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 11:27 AM Patrick McAneny via <> wrote:
Ryan, Have tried  to manually advance the throttle. Perhaps the throttle linkage /cable may have slipped in the engine compartment. I have the TMD22a and max out at 3100 rpms with a fixed prop or my Maxprop, which gets me to 8.3 kts.
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We have the TMD22 with a fixed 3-blade prop (the original spare, I think).  When we first got the boat, we could rev to about 3000, and we cruised at about 2400.  This season we could only get up to about 2100 even with a freshly cleaned bottom and prop.  I discovered the turbo had seized, which seemed like the obvious cause, but nothing changed after we had it replaced.  I'm trying to find a fuel problem, as that's the only other thing that might explain it, as far as I know.

Ryan and Kelly
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On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 10:55 AM Thomas Peacock <peacock8491@...> wrote:
This is question without a definitive answer. 
We also have the TMD22. When we bought our boat (about 4 years used), we could get almost 3,000 rpm at max throttle. Our local diesel guy suggested cruising at 80% of max, or 2,400. Our max started to lessen within about a year. 
Ever since then, we have usually not been able to max out at 3,000. Usually max is 2,400 to 2,600, so we cruise at 80% of that.
Issues affecting max cruise rpm include bottom, prop (even one barnacle can make a difference), turbo condition, and countless others. 
I suppose that, just like me, the Volvo has also lost a little mojo as it has aged. 

Tom Peacock
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On Jun 25, 2020, at 10:10 AM, JOSE PRIETO <prietomd11@...> wrote:

Hello Amelians!  I am in the process of learning my boat.  The engine is a Volvo TMD22, with autoprop h6 propeller.
I found some threads here on the forum related to this topic, but none conclusive about what is the ideal cruise rpm regime, and what is the maximum rpm?  I can't get more than 2100 rpm!
 Any suggestion?

Jose Prieto
SV Wayag, SM 323
Currently Alicante, Spain

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