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For those who wish to put a much more powerful engine check (with AMEL)  the compatibility with the bevel gear (sail drive) which can then be largely undersized ....



Le 26/06/2020 à 13:08, karkauai via a écrit :
Hi Jose,
Congratulations on your new Amel, and welcome to the Amel family.

If you search this forum you will find several threads about this problem.  I had a TMD22 on Kristy, SM243 that I bought in 2009 when she had 3000 hours of engine time.. I could only get her up to 22-2300 rpm. I spent thousands trying to get the rpm up to 3000. All mechanics said the engine was fine, except for the fact that the turbo was fouled and had to be replaced, repaired, and replaced again in the first 3000 hours (A result of running at low rpm).They all thought it was over-propped.  I told them that it was the original H6 prop and the original fixed spare prop supplied by Amel.  When I called Brunton (AutoProp company), they told me it was what they recommend for a SM with 100HP Yanmar. When I asked Amel about it, they said they sold SMs with the same prop for both engines, and said that it worked fine with the TMD22.

Clean hull and prop, if all seems OK except the rpms, service the prop first. Even if the blades spin freely, others have said that servicing the prop solved the problem.
If that doesn't solve it, check the engine for common problems. Fuel, Air, compression, valve lash, turbo function, exhaust elbow constriction...
If everything checks out OK, consider trying your fixed spare prop, if it still won't get up to 3000rpm, have that prop checked by a good prop shop with your boat's specs and see what they think about its size and pitch for your boat. I was told that my spare prop was also significantly over pitched and oversized.  I had it cut down and repitched to their recommendations.  Voila! 3000rpm.  The Auto Prop of 1999 vintage could not be altered, so I bought a MaxProp and have been very happy with it for 6 years. When I repowered a year later, I was able to repitch the MaxProp for the new 110HP Yanmar 4JH4HTE.

Good luck and let us know what you find.
SM 243

On Jun 25, 2020 10:10 AM, JOSE PRIETO <prietomd11@...> wrote:
Hello Amelians!  I am in the process of learning my boat.  The engine is a Volvo TMD22, with autoprop h6 propeller.
I found some threads here on the forum related to this topic, but none conclusive about what is the ideal cruise rpm regime, and what is the maximum rpm?  I can't get more than 2100 rpm!
 Any suggestion?

Jose Prieto
SV Wayag, SM 323
Currently Alicante, Spain
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