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I've been under the (perhaps false) impression that one large house bank is far better than two house banks. My aged copy of Nigel Calder's book covering the subject indicates same. Perhaps things have changed. I have not kept up on electrical as well as I should. I would do some research before taking that approach.

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Subject: [Amel] Batteries reconfiguration
Date: Sunday, June 28, 2009, 9:59 AM

We recently had on board an electrician a retired navy commander for subs for our trip north. They reviewed our charging system (Engine 100 & 30 Amp alternators) and the Genset 100 amp outputs for our 12 battery Delco bank that has 840 Amp/Hours.

They recommended that we split the existing battery bank of 12 batteries into 2 separate banks with a switch to better control charging. It appears Amel built the vessel for charging a 400 Amp/hour battery bank.

They indicated that the current charging system is not sufficient for the existing battery bank of 12 batteries.

They noted that the 2 separate banks would provide sufficient power for a days use based on our consumption levels.

Further benefits would be that the one bank not in use would have a days rest and could be recharged in a shorter time than the full bank. They recommended using Bank #1 on odd days and Bank #2 on even days.

The other benefit would be that when the need arises to replace the batteries only one bank would have to be done at a time if only a few batteries failed by moving them around.

Has anyone done this or had similar thoughts.

I am not an electrical person and batteries are not something I am fully conversant with but I'm learning.

Paul & Sue

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