Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Scott SV Tengah

We just had another Flojet pump die. This time after 5 months. Even better, it seems the Flojet 4105-343 pump we have been using is discontinued. I will take the leap to try Oliver's brushless pump solution.

Oliver - I just ordered the aliexpress pump/controller that you mentioned and would love to see your video. I sent an email a few months back but never heard back from you. Be great if you could post the fridge pump installation video on Youtube for everyone to see!

One thing that may become an issue is that the diaphragm part of the Flojet pump (which is repurposed for Oliver's setup) is also a wear part. I know someone who uses Flojet pumps in their coffee business and his pumps die when the diaphragms fail. Good thing I have a handful of used diaphragms from my multiple failed Flojets. :)

Anyone else try Oliver's solution (or any other pump) and succeed?
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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