Re: Blocked fwd shower drain on amel 55.

eric freedman

on kimberlite there is a valve in the forward bilge in the main cabin. it is in the hose that drains stuff forward of the door. it is closed when the boat is stored. i dont know if you boat has the red handle d valve.
sorry typing with the port arm. had surgery on tarboard
sm 376

On June 26, 2020 at 9:56 AM Mark & Debbie Mueller <brass.ring@...> wrote:

Welcome to the glamorous (not so much) side of boat ownership.  You could try a small drain snake, I have used the one pictured.  It was purchased at Lowes for $10.00.  You should be able to find an equivalent just about anywhere.  Also good for cleaning marine growth out of the raw water line from the distribution manifold to the refrigeration pump.
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54


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