A good laugh at my expense

Mark Erdos

When in an area with low or almost no bars on the cell phone (we use for data), I’ll often put the phone up the mizzen mast to improve the line-of-sight to the cell tower.


On this occasion, I mistied the bowline knot and when I went to pull the phone down, this happened.


phone up mast 1.jpg


So I made this:


phone up mast 2.jpg


It is two boat poles (shown unextended), two pieces of PVC pipe (I had laying about) and a wire coat hanger. This is all held together with duct tape. Cindy put me up the main mast. I extended the boat poles and after a few tries I was able to snag the bag with the phone in it using the coat hanger hook. Pulling the phone toward me, I could then lower it to the deck.



Yet another reason to sail a ketch!



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