Re: problems installing a new Yanmar engine #replacement

Mark McGovern

No problem.  All of the old Yahoo messages, files, and photos can still be found here on the new forum. You just have to use the "search" function. Search Messages, Files, and Photos separately using keywords like "engine alignment" and you will find a ton of great information.

Here is a link to the File folder with the information that I uploaded:

Last, it is customary on this forum to have a "signature" at the bottom of your post with your name, your boat's model and name, and your current location.  It not only makes the forum "friendlier" since we know who we are talking to but it also helps to know what specific boat you have and where you are in the world.   Another Amel owner might just be in the same port as you and willing to lend you a hand!  You can set up this signature to happen automatically whenever you post in your Profile.

Good luck with the alignment!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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