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Scott, I know this thread should not be used and we should create a new one. I just "lost" 2 more refrigerator pumps. I took them to a motor rebuild shop in Annapolis, and they told me they are worn beyond repair.

I saw your post about taking the leap into the brushless motor world, hoping to solve the pump dilemma. I will tell you I finally got the parts Oliver recommended - after almost 6 months. Unfortunately the motor he suggested has a 10mm diameter shaft. We need an 8mm shaft, so I cannot use that unless I create a reducer of some sort or order a different motor.

I will try to get the controller working for curiosity, but without the ability to connect the motor to the pump, I will likely have to abandon the project and just keep buying Flojet 4106 pumps (the newer version I believe, vs 4105 series).

I did notice that March Pumps offers a centrifugal pump driven by a brushless 24V motor. Although it is a bit expensive and only suitable (in its normal non-self-priming service) for salt-water cooling where the pump remains flooded, it might be worth buying it and using only the motor. If it works it would stop us having to buy many $100 motors that go bad in 6 months or less. The motor looks as if it will work directly with a steady 24V supply - no custom controller needed. Of course, the shaft would have to work here as well. If we can get the shaft to mate, all we would need is a relay to turn on the pump via a 24V supply in the engine room and the Frigoboat 12V output signal.

May be worth a shot..................

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