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Scott SV Tengah

I'll move the conversation to a new thread, but quick responses to close this one out. Please respond on the new thread entitled: "New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)"

Arno - what I like about Oliver's solution, if he can share info and we can replicate it, is that it uses the same pump head/water moving parts from the Flojet. I have two remaining Flojet pumps so I will place one complete original flojet pump next to the Frankenstein brushless pump. On my A54, two Flojets are placed side by side because I think Amel knew they die quite often. With the proposed setup, if the brushless pump dies in the middle of nowhere, I can quickly switch things over from one pump to the other, as I do now.

Robert - we need a 10mm to 8mm "D" shaft reducer. Know where we can get that?

Mark - I have the Marco pump for my FW system with an expansion tank. You NEED the expansion tank otherwise you will get mysterious leaks due to overpressure from the fw toilet water solenoids slamming shut when the pump is running. I got the 2l stainless one. As it relates to using a Marco for the fridge pump, another A54 Garulfo tried and the Marco overheats and dies even faster than the Flojet. So no go there.

Brent - My understanding is that, despite the insulation replacement, Oliver is now getting 75% duty cycle now that he's in the tropics (versus single digit duty cycle in Portugal?). Regardless, if there's a brushless pump that doesn't die every 5-6 months, I will crawl on my knees to get it (kidding, sort of).

I will say that my galley freezer/fridge has been turned off now that we're near reasonably well stocked grocery stores. This made a huge difference in energy consumption and pump duty cycle. The A54 setup has the water hoses daisy chained, whereas Frigoboat wants you to run them parallel. Earlier, my saloon freezer never really got that cold. I assume it's because by the time the cooling water got to it, the other two units had already heated up the water quite a bit.

Now I just run the aft most front opening fridge and the saloon seat freezer. This makes a huge difference as the insulation on the galley top loading freezer is terrible as Oliver mentioned. Ours was soaked because the fridge would accumulate a lot of condensate water at the bottom and the junction between the stainless "box" and the PVC pipe that allows the compressor lines was NOT sealed well. I know this because after I cleaned out the box, water was bubbling UP from the insulation into the box at this junction. I sort of fixed it by applying sika291 at this junction and also filling the inside of the PVC (where the compressor lines run) with sika291. I had used the same expanding foam as Oliver prior but that simply got soaked and moldy.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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