New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)

Scott SV Tengah

This is a new thread to continue the overly long thread at:,,,20,1,60,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,34255404&jump=1

OLIVER - can you post the video of your fridge pump installation? Also, it seems your link is for a 10mm shaft motor. Can you verify it's the same link you ordered your 8mm shaft motor from?

Jamie, good thing you mentioned to me that the shaft on the pump Oliver linked was 10mm. I asked the AliExpress seller if he has the exact same motor with an 8mm shaft. Perhaps Oliver posted the wrong link or perhaps they changed the spec on the motor. Hope Oliver sees and responds to this.

This is mindblowingly annoying - I am fine paying to get a solution as I'm now a bit nervous about leaving the boat for more than a day in case the pump dies and all my frozen food goes to waste! 

I emailed my contact at March Pumps to determine the shaft spec on their centrifugal pump motors to see if we can cannibalize the brushless motor part to use with the flojet pump head. I was in conversation with him prior about using their 12v 893-07 pump, but he stated that it's probably not a good idea since I cannot guarantee constant prime. This is the case with my freshwater system but he even said it's the case with a SW system due to boat movement.

Here's what he said prior when I suggested using the full March 893-07 pump:

"The setup you have there wouldn’t make our pumps very happy. My concern would be that first pump in the line right there at the “Y” split…..when that turns on it may siphon water backwards out of our pump and suck it dry….you could install a check valve on the outlet side of the pump but it would have to have a very small pop open pressure as the 893-07 will only generate about 4.5psi when its dead headed at 0 flow.


If the setup is mounted all below the waterline then the lines should prime with water naturally and you shouldn’t have to prime them…if the pump would be above the water line then a check valve would need to be installed to help keep it primed. The initial prime you would have to get creative in doing so….a lot of people will install another “T” with a valve and a fitting to hook up a garden hose….you they can open the valve and turn on the hose until its all filled up and turn the valve off then unhook the hose.

The flo-jet pump I believe are all rubber vein impellers and are self priming so they are different then our pumps and wouldn’t be a direct swap over between the two."

The first pump he mentions is the domestic FW pump. His check valve/T valve solution adds complexity, which I dislike, but if it is our only potential solution then we might have no other choice. If we have 5 more years of sailing, it's insane for me to carry 10 Flojet pumps as backup.

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