Re: New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Jamie,

I did not check their website but they may have something which fits your needs

Marco Pumps. Well made in Italy. 

GL in your experiment 

Jean-Pierre Germain, SY Eleuthera, SM007.

On 28/06/2020, at 1:59 PM, Jamie Wendell <mysticshadow54@...> wrote:

Robert Giroux posted this link. Seems we can get a shaft adapter that should do the job.

Any of these fit your application?

Knowing that I can now go from 10mm to 8mm with this coupling, I am going to start my "experiment" to see if I can get Oliver's brushless motor solution to work.
I will post my success or failure soon - fingers crossed.

Until then, let's hope we can keep our "cool" with the Flojet pumps........even if we have to carry some spares. I just ordered 3 more.
Phantom A54 #44

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