Re: Lubrication of the Mechanism That Drives The Main Sail Furling Unit


Hi Bill.
I just serviced my manual furler for the main. It is filled with a very heavy gear oil.  I found only one place (in England) that sold it by the liter, otherwise it is sold in very large quantities and is very expensive. It was shipped to me in the USA in about a week at a reasonable price. A liter is enough to service it 2-3 times.
 It is Shell Oil Omala S4 WE320

After reinstalling it there was a small amount of oil on the deck the next day or two. It stopped leaking after a few days and hasn't been leaking for two weeks including furling and unfurling several times.
What specifically did you want to know?
Kent & Iris

On Jun 18, 2020 9:00 AM, Bill Shaproski <bill.shaproski@...> wrote:
I did find a group of messages from 2012 that address my question.  But I would like to find someone who has done this recently to ask some specific questions.  
Bill Shaproski

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