Re: File /CockpitEnclosure.pdf uploaded #file-notice

Gerhard Mueller

Sorry I don't know a professional surveyor in Greece for Amel boats.
One importand pro of the Sharki: It is below 12 meters in length (11.95 m) and so you only pay the lower boat tax in Greece.
And yes, the Sharki is intended for single handing. Although my Sharki is 38 years old it is still in a very good condition, even with the still original engine.
I guess all Sharki might have a problem with the construction of the mizzen footing. A crack in the polyester construction may allow to enter water into the gap between the polyester of the cockpit and the wood of the front wall of the after cabin and so the wood get damaged. Easy to check when inspecting the wood of the front wall of the after cabin. The former owner of my Sharki has had repaired this already. However other issues are not known.
Let me know if you have any special questions.
Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

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