Re: New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)

Scott SV Tengah

To help redirect this thread back to the topic :) :

March Pumps responded and their shafts are round and either

1/4 inch = 6.35mm
3/8 inch = 9.525mm

We just need to find an adapter that can take a round imperial shaft size and make it a metric 8mm D-shaped shaft size!

Another question to ponder: the shaft will rotate millions or billions of times. The alignment should therefore be perfect, right? Is that too much to ask of an adapter?

Also, let's try to find motors that meet the flow spec and use as little energy as possible. Veco specs that we need about 4 liters / 1 gal per minute. The current flojet uses around 26-40w, so I am hoping we can get a replacement that doesn't use a lot more than that.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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