Re: Dessalator Duo watermakers - energy saving tip: don't use 230v if you can avoid it

Denis Foster


Concerning the Dessalator DUO 100, the information I have gathered :

- the 230V motor is more efficient and the good flow in the membranes keep them in good conditions for longer (4000h versus 2000h with the 24V flow)
- a good feeding pump allowing sufficient flow through double 20 and 5 micron filters are good for the CAT pump. Avoiding cavitation is crucial for longevity.
- Reading Oliver of Vela Nautic who is very knowledgeable the Dessalator duo 230V motor can be improved to an industrial grade with excellent bearings and shafts.
- A lot of electronics can look good but is prone to more complex failures difficult to fix.

This research also led me to have a look at Aquatec German made water maker that advocates 230V when generator is fitted. But I like the redundancy of the DUO that has also 24V motor in case the generator fails. (Which does happen). They indicate the use of a high quality Stainless Steel high pressure pump.

The ideal water maker would be a combination of both concepts allowing reliability and redundancy.

As I am not an expert of this field I would like to have your real world feed back on the ideal Blue Water Cruising water maker.



Ex Madinina MeltemĀ 

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