Re: Dessalator Duo watermakers - energy saving tip: don't use 230v if you can avoid it

Scott SV Tengah

Denis -

I am a little confused. Desslator said that both motors turn at the same speed on the pump due to pulley differences, so I'm not sure how the 230v motor flows more water than the 24v? Maybe I'm not understanding the system?

In any event, even if the membrane life is somehow 2x, by using the AC over the DC motor, you're using an additional 500 watts, which is roughly 20 amps. Over 4000 hours of using the 230v pump vs. the 24v pump, you're using 80,000 extra amp hours of energy. If you're running genset to run the 230v AC motor, that's 4,000 extra hours of genset usage and all the fuel and maintenance that entails.

If you have lithium and a big inverter then you won't need to run the genset during usage, but could rather charge the batteries later.  Even with my two chargers feeding 200Amps, that's an extra 400 hours of generator usage and all the fuel and maintenance that entails. This ignores the environmental cost of all that genset usage, which is not zero.

I can't see the AC pump being anything more than a backup, assuming your electrical system can handle 600w, which it should even on lead acid.

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SV Tengah

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