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james Hosford

Not quite sure what details would help.   Just want to know from the group that knows the most about Amels, pros cons of the 53 vs the 54 for someone who is shopping.  Is the 54 obviously better and worth the extra money?  Little things like the switch to Bowmar furlers, that now have developed a reputation of not being as good as the Amel made ones on the 53....etc

Basically for a person that doesn't know as much , or have as much experience with Amels as you do, which would you prefer and why?

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I think you need to provide more detail if you want helpful answers.




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How man 53 owners would trade up for a 54 if money were no object.  Why or why not?


Very interested in a 54 but maybe a better choice to keep the extra 200g and get a 53?


Thanks for your help

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