[Amel] Re: Trojan 200 vs Trojan 225 Batteries for Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

svbebe <yahoogroups@...>


The DC 110-12 spec sheet that you received from DC Battery shows Float 13.6V ~ 13.8V and Initial charging at 14.4V ~ 14.9V

The FR-31 spec sheet that I received from Phil at DC Battery when I bought my batteries shows Float 13.2V ~ 13.8V and Initial charging at 14.2V ~ 14.6V

I believe that either they have changed the specs, or something else is wrong.

I am unable to upload the spec sheet I received from DC Battery to the Amel website. Possibly I can email it to you. I suggest you ask DC Battery why there is a difference. More importantly, with the Initial Charging and Float specs you received, I am not certain that the 30 amp and 100 amp battery chargers will indeed work properly. You probably should also check with Reya regarding these new specs. The contact information I have for Reya France is: Lucy Kelly <lucy.kelly"at"reya.com>.

I am interested in what DC Battery and Reya says about this.


s/v BeBe SM2 - #387

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