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I'm sorry In America so that would be 200,000.  54's are going between 450,000 and 500,000, conservatively you can get a 53 for 200,000 less than that.  Purchase cash is separate from cruising cash, it would be nice to move that much over to the cruising amount but not necessary.  I will be retired when doing this and have good pensions coming in, the boat will be paid for.  So it does turn into, well get the more expensive boat with the nicer layout, you can't take the money with you vs is it really worth the extra money just get the 53.  Or even the 53 is better and you just don't know it yet....etc

Sorry if this offends anyone I'm not trying to be crass or offend any of our international friends.  Just weighing my purchasing options and asking questions and seemed like the group wanted to know more about my situation to be able to help

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IMO – both boats are great boats. They have multiple advantages over other production yachts. Both will get you from A to B safely.


You don’t state where you are located (200g is not a currency). I’m assuming you are USA. If so, Bill and Joel are great resources. If not, in Europe Olivier Beauté is a person to contact.


Regarding the 200g, if you are full-time cruising, this will go a long way to being able to take tours, eat out, marina stays, trips home, add a dive-tank compressor etc. For us, this is about 3 years cruising budget. But then again, this amount of money might not be that important to you.




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That's kind of my point I'm more interested in what you see as a pro or con.  You have much more experience than I do.  Now I may decide your opinion on something isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but I do think it's important to hear those opinions.   Never know what I might learn.


Cruising couple, but must be able to single hand.  Will be taking crew from time to time.  Boat will be for world cruising/live aboard.  It professional but grew up with a boaty diesel mechanic father.  Have rebuilt gasoline and diesel engines and winter chores included re varnishing our 15' wood runabout.     Don't mind a project but would like to  find a boat that has been taken care of and appreciated by their owner.


I just thought it could be informative, given the money.  Which you would buy?  If you are paying cash is the 54 worth the extra to you or would you pocket the difference and get the 53.


I was honestly all in on the 54 for but recently thought, well how many guests are you actually going to have?   Do you really like it 200g  more than the 53 which seems to be the going difference?  Just wondered what others thoughts were.  


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Thanks Bill,

I will take you up on that.


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Both the SM & the 54 are good Amels. There are differences, advantages, and disadvantages.


You may not be aware, but I offer 1 hour free consulting to non-owners of Amel yachts.


Maybe you should check this out.



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The majority of us have probably only owned one Amel. A lucky few will have upgraded to a newer model. There is much expertise in this group about each model, but I don’t think there is a font of knowledge about comparisons of pros and cons between each model.
I think you need to do some more personal research and then ask some specific questions about the ones you are interested in.

Good fortune with your research. Whatever the result, you will like most of us, be very happy with the AMEL you choose.


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