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Eric Freedman

On July 2, 2020 at 9:32 PM eric <kimberlite@...> wrote:

Amel stopped using Yanmar on the 54's as they did not conform to the new
pollution standards in Europe.
I took a test drive on the 54 when they were still delivering the 53's. Joel Potter came along.
It was hush hush and the test model was across the marina in La Rochelle.
I did not like the Volvo. They said that if I paid the architect for the modification,they would deliver my boat with a Yanmar as the USA had not yet implemented the more restrictive emission standards at that time. I returned home looking forward to the 54 .Then a cardiologist said I had heart problems. I cancelled my order for hull#12 .
Long story made short the cardiologist made a mistake, however my wife became very iIl. By the time I was able to order the boat it was 3 years later then there was a long wait.

Every boat has positives and negatives. It may sound silly , but my wife did not like to seep against the hull, When I had to get up I had to climb over her. The wide 54 makes that a moot point. I also Like the forward facing nav station. 2 weeks ago we came up to the USA on a starboard tack beating for almost 9 days. Writing on the computer and hanging on with the other hand is no fun.

At this point I will stick with the 53 as Kimberlite and I have been through so much together I would not want to trade her in, It would hurt her feelings.

If I were buying an Amel and had to choose between the 53 and the 54, I would buy the 54.
Fair Winds,
SM376 Kimberlite

On July 2, 2020 at 6:57 PM "james Hosford via" <jay.hosford@...> wrote:

Thank you,   Yes I wondered as most late year 53s are yanmar.  Then when they built the 54 they went back to Volvo.   Not sure why they did that.   Yes get you point on the bunks etc which is why I started the thread.   Might like the idea/look of something but in reality it might not be practical.  Glad I found Bills Amel cruise.   Will definitely spend 7 days on both models now


On Jul 2, 2020, at 5:11 PM, Trevor Lusty <trevlusty@...> wrote:

Sorry James,
                     I pushed the wrong button. Personally, the last engine in the world I would want is a Volvo, followed by, what is a centre line aft bunk doing in a serious blue water cruising boat? The 54 is height critical when you are seated, if you are the wrong height it can be very uncomfortable. The SM was actively designed and sailed by The Captain , the 54 was designed in an office. Both boats are fantastic, the SM is the finished article of a lifetime's passion and personal experience.
Any really good design has a flow, where form follows function, which ever one is more comfortable for you has to be the right answer.
The  various electrics and the mechanical parts may fail you, but anything built by Amel will not.
Good luck with your search.
Trevor Lusty 




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