Re: crappy job ahead of me....... santorin waste pipe

Mike Ondra

Hi Eric,

We have been wrestling with holding tank issues for years, latest these past few months. There are numerous posts (maybe 300) on these issues on the bulletin board going back over the past 15 years. Some of which may be relevant to you. Take the time to understand the holding tank configuration you have and evolve you plan of attack after reading the relevant postings. This is a repair you would prefer to make once and be permanent. Your hull number would be useful to others who may offer advice.

I would suggest removing the deck plate and taking a look inside your tank to understand its internal condition before doing anything. I did this at night and hung a light inside so I could see well and took some pictures.

Mike Ondra

ALETES SM#240, Rock Hall, MD


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Sent: Friday, July 3, 2020 7:13 AM
Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] crappy job ahead of me....... santorin waste pipe


well i have some crappy news...turns out my holding tank pipe is leaking. It is not the hose clamps. What are my options here..this is a santorin. Removal of the wall is pretty straight fwd i believe.

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