Re: crappy job ahead of me....... santorin waste pipe

david bruce

Hi Eric, 

 Sounds like you have a perfectly good system that just needs repair, so I’m not advocating this for you but just thought I would take this opportunity to share my experiences with a composting toilet. I do think Craig is right, in that our Santorin had no stock holding tanks. There is a small tank for the aft head located in the life raft locker and no tank forward in the forward head.  

 After converting a typically troublesome and odorous holding tank system on my Newport 41 a few years ago to a composting toilet and finding it works remarkably well and is infinitely preferable to a standard tank, I lugged an Airhead composting toilet to Greece last summer to install on Liesse.  I didn’t get around to it so it’s sitting in the lazarette at the moment waiting to be installed in the forward head but if not for a lack of headroom it could actually be used back there!   I have found the composting toilet to be odor free, easy to clean and maintain, and my only criticism is that when heeling it is difficult to keep urine from running around the little dam into the solids container.  It’s amazingly comforting to know the you will ALWAYS have a functional head!  We’re heading to Turkey when it’s possible and not sure how they will view the composting toilet in their blue card scheme...  Good luck w the repair.  

Dave Bruce
Liesse SN006

On Jul 3, 2020, at 4:12 AM, Eric Meury <ericmeury@...> wrote:

well i have some crappy news...turns out my holding tank pipe is leaking. It is not the hose clamps. What are my options here...this is a santorin. Removal of the wall is pretty straight fwd i believe.

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