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Mike Ondra


I did extensive research on the outhaul, and furling, gearboxes (both the
same) used at least since SM #240. These squarish boxes are indeed Leroy
Somer, not the rounder Bonfiglioli used in the past. Unfortunately I have
the model # information on the boat, not with me here. Perhaps someone else
can read the # off the nameplate on the gearbox, but I don't think it will
do you any good.

I tracked them down through a local Leroy Somer dealer. After much effort I
broke down and purchased a new gearbox from Amel. Leroy Somer would not
sell the gears or the entire gear box direct no matter how hard I pressed,
only through Amel. I believe Amel also will sell the gears separately, but
perhaps the sum of the cost of the parts will be near the cost of the entire
assembled gearbox.

However, bearings and seals are "off the shelf" components and can be
purchase in many places that service machinery.

Mike Ondra



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Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:36 AM
Subject: [Amel] outhaul gearbox

Does ayone know the actual Leroy Somer outhaul gearbox part no?
I need a new bronze gear ring, currently my boat is in Argentina and I am in
Northern Ireland. The UK Leroy Somer dealer is very helpful,but I am unable
to give him any information.
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
Super Maramu 2000 Red Line
No 425

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