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Barry Connor

Hi Jamie,
We have used this over the past 5 years. We were for 2 years in Port Corbieres,  Marseille and then wintered 3 years in Marina de Ragusa, Sicily. The Slap Silencer has 4 simple cords for easy attachment to the stern side upright rails, does get growth of algae which cleans off easily.This is available online. US product “”
I would recommend this if you are in a marina for a week or more.
We pack it away after fresh water wash and dry in supplied bag under our master bunk.
You will see that the Slap Silencer is more than a piece of canvas.
We have not needed it whilst we have been at anchor here for the past few months as we are always pointing into the breeze and small waves coming off shore.

Very Best 

Barry and Penny 
“SV Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54. #17
Sainte Anne anchorage Martinique 

On Jul 4, 2020, at 09:19, Jamie Wendell <mysticshadow54@...> wrote:

Barry, I was reading this thread and saw your comment about the "Slap Silencer." You noted it was online, but where?
I have this problem with my 54, but mostly have become numb to the slapping in the aft cabin. The boat came with a very heavy canvas in a bag, and I suspect that is what it is for, but I have never tried it.
Can you provide more details about your solution? Is my bag carrying the right thing, and if so how do I use it?
Phantom, A54 #44

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