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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thanks for this Trevor, your comments combined with Vito's give me some confidence and certainly the unit continues to fuction well. However just in case something comes up in the futureĀ I still would like to know how to go about servicing the unit.But if no one has had to that would suggest I have nothing to worry about.
We are near Newport Rhode Island and after three exceptional days it is pouring with rain. We are appreciating the extensions we had made to the bimini cover before we left FL giving us a fully enclosed cockpit. Following an idea we saw on BeBe in Opua we put a stainless tube across behind the mizzzen mast above the boom and atached to the mizzen shrouds ala the pole holders on the main shrouds. To this we have attached zip removeable top and sides and back and we have a fully useable cockpit regardless of the weather. Wonderfull
Danny SM 299

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Danny on SM 299.
Does any one have information on servicing the headsail furler on the Super Maramu 2000? Large amounts of grease suddenly dropped out of ours when we were furling. We were on a passage from Ft Lauderdale Florida to Rhode Island New England so continued to use it with care and it worked OK but now we are in port we need to strip it and check what has happenned.
Cheers to you all
I had a similar problem last year in Spain. Amel told me that the grease is not actually from the furler but from inside the foil which needs to be removed approx every twenty thousand miles and regreased.
I have probably sailed a further ten thousand miles South, where it has been much warmer and have had no further problems and still have not replaced the grease.
I hope this is of some help.
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
No 425

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