Re: sm 53 vs 54

Scott SV Tengah

If money were no object, I'd get an A60. Just kidding - after spending so much time and money making our A54 into exactly what we want and need, I wouldn't change her for anything. I enjoy the lifestyle associated with long term cruising and don't want to spend all that time "perfecting" a new boat.

To the original poster - I think that's the bucket of salt you need to take with everyone's responses. Most have never owned both and have prejudices based on their own love of their own vessel and their predictions of what they wouldn't like about other vessels (without actual live aboard experience). For example, after my last unexpected 31 day /4800 nm passage (because of covid, stopping for fuel was not an option), any thought I had about getting the Amel 50 is quashed because of the 50's small fuel and water tanks. But then again, I've never lived on a 50 and frankly, I think planning for a future coronavirus is a bit overkill. But that's my prejudice now.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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