Re: New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)

Dean Gillies

I wonder if you could please do me a huge favour, and measure the voltages at pins 1 through 8 on the blue E51385 pump controller with the pump operating and also when the pump is not operating (you may have to temporarily turn up the temps on your fridges to make the compressors turn the pump off). So that's 16 DC voltage measurements in total, 8 with pump operating and 8 with pump not operating.

Fix the black multimeter probe on pin 9 (Negative) and measure the other 8 pins with the red probe.
(note pins are numbered Left to right on the blue box).

I need this data to confirm my understanding of the circuit operation.

many thanks
Dean Gillies
SY Stella

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