Re: Boar speed om Amel SM200


There is not a simple answer to your question, but there are answers. There are 3 general choices and several more that will work:
1.) Replace the sonic speed SOW sensors. Several owners have indeed bought new sensors recently
2.) Add a B&G-compatible paddlewheel through-hull transducer for speed (SOW)
3. Add a SOG to SOW NEMA 0183 converter and everything works fine, except you cannot calculate "set & drift," but unless you plan to rac your SM, you will not need to know these.
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On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 2:33 PM Slavko Despotovi <slavko@...> wrote:


I just become the owner of SM 2000 hull nr. 279. Name Bonne Anse. Boat speed is not working. Surveyer Oliver said that problem is in sensor. Any experince if I would change with sensor for depth, temperature and speed sensor?

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SM 2000 279

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