Re: Newer model Isolated ground kit for Yanmar from alel

eric freedman

Hi Thomas,
I am happy that i could be of some help. After we started talking it took me a bit of time to find your wiring diagram.
My 4jh3hte is working fine but I have put over 7000 hours on the engine. Even though the engine is giving me no trouble, I am installing a new 4jh4hte
engine this coming winter in the Caribbean. I see from the wiring diagrams that Amel?

Is the intercooler for your engine mounted above the starter motor or is it mounted on a high bracket above the transmission? Amel changed the location of most of the wiring components. I also see what seams to be the transmission oil cooler mounted on top of the transmission. Is yours mounted there?

If you do not mind would you please send m about a dozen photos of your engine?
Fair Winds,


On July 7, 2020 at 10:10 AM Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:

Eric- first of all thanks for all this. To have a guy who rewired his engine from scratch as a resource is incredibly helpful. My engine is a 4JH3-HTE but the wiring to the solenoid, diodes, and relay are all there as I see in the pics. After following the wiring from the panel to the solenoid the problem ended up being a bad connection at the relay. No power out of the relay to the solenoid. After rewiring the 2 brown wires connector and cleaning up the relay it works fine now. But as a precaution I'm buying a new solenoid from Maud and already ordered spare relays. I'm still curious about being able to substitute the isolated ground solenoid spares I have from the Onan for the Yanmars Valeo in a pinch. I never considered that option. Anyway, problem solved for now.

Tom and Kirstin
SM2K 422
Honelei Bay, Kauai


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