Re: A54 Fresh Water Pressure

David Crisp

Many thanks Bill,

When I opened up the pump it was completely solid with crystals and deposit of some sort. Until I bought it last year she has been on the Sth France where the water is hard so maybe that plus an extended 9mths on the hard (thanks Covid) has caused the problem.   A 24 hrs soak with shower cleaner (decalcifier) and some fiddling did the job.  However, after reinstalling water appeared to be leaking from the rear seal.  I must have somehow damaged the seal amongst my exploratory blundering, but maybe I can  rebuild it for a spare.

My new problem is the pressure switch doesn't seem to me working.  It isn't automatically switching on.  If I manually trigger the switch it latches on okay, the pump runs 
but doesn't trip off once pressure is reached (max 4bar).  It was okay before. So far adjusting the two adjustment nuts 1 & 2 and it hasn't done any good. Grrrrr with frustration!  Any suggestions?

BTW you are correct about the price for tank + pump + switch assembly 950€.  For the benefit of all, just the pump alone was 540€.

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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