Bottom paint removal

Patrick McAneny

I have about 4 layers of paint on my boat I would like to be rid of. I have been sanding boats for over 50 yrs. and have never found it fun. Using 40 grit on a 5 " orbital today,it took so long to get down to the gelcoat ,that I estimate it would take me a couple hundred hrs. to do take the entire boat down to the gelcoat. The marina I am in does not do soda ,only sand blasting. The sand blasting would cost me about $7,000.00, a chunk of change ,better spent having fun. 
Does anybody have another option for stripping bottom paint that consumes less time and money. I would rather dig ditches than sand bottom paint, so if you need a ditch dug and enjoy sanding bottom paint,maybe we can work a deal,call me !
SM Shenanigans

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