Re: Bottom paint removal

Craig Briggs

When I bought Sangaris in 1999, I stripped her myself with the nastiest paint stripper I could find. Don't recall the brand name and it's likely banned by EPA these days, but shop around. If the label is mostly safety warnings and health disclaimers go ahead and give it a try - you're likely done procreating anyway. Try non-boating stores as they've wussified all the boating products.  

I did 3-foot-ish sections, liberally brushing on one thick coat, waiting a few minutes (depends on temperature) and EASILY removing stripper and paint with a putty knife. Then a second coat which took it down to gel coat with just a few spots left. Finished with bronze wool dipped in the remover for perfect result.  Maybe 10-20 minutes per square. Do use lot's of PPE. I used silicone covered cotton gloves and kept a bucket of cold water next to me to dip them in when the burning got too intense. Also poured some on my topsiders when the feet began to burn.  Nasty stuff. Hope you can still find some. It was so easy I did it again in Mexico 5 years later - it was on the shelf in the hardware stores next to the US banned R-12 freon cans I needed for my reefer. 

Btw, gelcoat is impervious to the stuff. So is Awlgrip type paint, which I had on my last boat and used the stripper to clean the boot stripe. If you've got barrier coat applied, I don't know about that, but then, thanks to the "Father of Fiberglass, Amels don't need barrier coat. 

Have fun with your toxic chemicals!

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