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Years ago when I used to cave dive. we used an aircraft government surplus 3000 psi compressor. it was about 10 inches in diameter and about 14 inches high.
They used to cost about $300- I still see the on ebay from time to time. The filters were the expensive part of the setup.
We needed this setup as where we dived was in the boondocks.
You might look into it.
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Do it – it’s only money.


We have one. It’s not hard to maintain and I can fill a tank to 3200psi in about 20 mins.


Think about all the many locations in French Polynesia where you can’t get tanks filled. Having the compressor opens up a whole new world for sailors who dive.


Opps! Sorry. You wanted reasons not to do it. Can’t think of any other than you might miss the storage space and your boat will list more to port than it does now.



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OK- I have hull #422 (a red line) and each day I wistfully look at that un-used dive compressor breaker on the 220 volt panel and feel like it's talking to me. My wife and I are enthusiastic divers heading (hopefully) back to Polynesia where diving would be fun and not always close to a dive shop.
There is even a comprehensive design for a sliding drawer mounting in the aft  port cockpit lazarette I like on this very site. I am in Hawaii, have access to Home Depot and shipping (the Bauer Jr II) comes from Seattle's all so tempting.

The logical part of my brain, however reminds me that it's noisy, represents another system to maintain, $5000 to buy and install myself, and would doubtless raise the cost of diving based on my accounting driven cost per tank assumptions and those I've read done by others.

But I kind of want it. Anyone out there with some bit of pessimism or wisdom to stop me ?

Tom and Kirstin
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