Re: Dessalator fresh water rinse - leak?

Courtney Gorman

I have the same issue I have not taken care of it yet bypass is to make water but do not rinse then there is no issue discovered the problem after making nearly 700 liters of water then waking up to an empty tank.
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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Dessalator fresh water rinse - leak?

Dear Amelians,

today I had a wierd situation with my duo D 100.

After turning it off, it did the fresh water rinse like usual, but did not stop.

I checked for a leak (in the entire boat) but there is no leak and no open tap.

I closed the fresh water valve for the water maker, the rinsing stops.

I opened the valve, then the fresh water pump starts again (with rinsing).

During the process of making water there is no problem, the fresh water pump is not running.

Thus now I have to close the valve every time after using the water maker.

That is possible, but not like it should be.


Btw: If I open the fresh water valve for the water maker again (at least) 1 hour later, the pressure is (mostly) stable, no pump is running.

What could be the reason/ problem?
The solenoid (parallel to the filter)?

Thx a lot for your help.

LADY CHARLYETTE, AMEL 54 N119, currently 40 miles to Aruba

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